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Port Vale Shoot

Our education offer aims to provide inspirational learning and personal development opportunities to raise aspirations, attainment and achievement for poor educational attainment in our deprived area is the result of a range of issues. This includes a lack of a feeling of self-worth amongst families which affects aspirations of our local children. Life expectancy is lower than in other areas in the region affected by a lack of exercise and a more negative view towards health education. Our local environments are generally unattractive and living in such deprived areas affect our young persons’ life chances over and above what would be predicted by their potential and characteristics. Through the power of football and the PVFC brand we aim to:

  • Educate healthier lifestyles throughout the Community
  • To support volunteering and provide employment opportunities through courses.
  • To bring together traditional and non-traditional football activities and environments
  • To provide a professional and positive working environment.
  • Two Year Scholarships