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The Port Vale Foundation Attendance Award Programme is a unique rewards-based programme that ensures your school reaches its attendance targets. Using the power of the Port Vale brand, the programme and our staff give insights to the pupils on the importance of attending school for their individual futures, while rewarding those who maintain or improve their attendance record over the duration.

Each programme can be tailored made to support each school but an example of one could look like the one below.

Week 1: PVF and School launch of programme in school assembly or select group meeting

Week 2-8: School to monitor attendance

Week 9: Celebration and Reward Day at PVFC consisting of ground tour, coaching activities, player appearance and award ceremony

Week 10: Matchday Parade and Tickets

Added Extras:

Signed Merchandise to award to pupils, Matchday tickets and other prizes

Benefits to School

Support of PVF Staff, increase in pupil attendance and celebration of that, plus matchday/press exposure.