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Port Vale Foundation fully understand the pressure your teachers are under to deliver high quality lessons but are allotted very little training or CPD time to do this. We can offer our expertise to cover this time by providing football, fitness, balance, agility, coordination, multisport, dance, team invasion games or developing a school specific programme with the relevant person.

The programme provides support, advice and delivery for primary and secondary schools in areas of PE and School Sport. A single point of contact (a permanent lead coach stationed at your school along with one support coach) is offered by which schools can confidently be assured their needs are being met and correct policies and procedures are in place.

Who it is targeted at?

Lessons will be working to the National Curriculum and our work is supported by AFPE and OFSTED accredited coaches who provide schemes of work, detailed and reflective lesson plans with the aim of enriching the schools sport delivery and providing key information on assessment for learning for each child.

What are the outcomes / benefits?

  • Improved understanding of the benefits of leading a healthy and active lifestyle
  • lncreased confidence and self-esteem
  • lmproved motivation
  • lmproved decision making skills
  • 4 individual meetings per year with the School Sport Lead Officer and Development Manager.
  • A full-time coach delivering sessions to ensure consistency
  • CPD for all staff and the opportunity for support teachers to get involved
  • Gold Membership to the Partner School Programme
  • Schools folder each term including – session plan, qualifications, CRB, insurance and success criteria/report writing

This can also any Breakfast, Lunchtime or after School Clubs.

To find out more, including pricing and booking enquiries, please contact Danielle Woolridge at or on 01782 757066.