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No teachers available to cover a breakfast club? No structured activity at lunchtime? Tired of having different coaches deliver after school clubs? Fear not as our new wraparound cover is here to help.

What better way to keep the children focused for the morning or afternoon by ensuring a healthy and active kick-start to the day than our wraparound support?

Port Vale Foundation’s expert health coaches can deliver healthy living theme clubs designed to get children thinking about the choices they make while bringing fun physical activities to life. The sessions can also be modified to encourage parents to join in with their children and learn how to prepare and cook a healthy meal. The Foundation will also provide either an offsite or in house visit to a local supermarket and visit from a first team player to talk about how they stay healthy! It has been proven that our fun and informative sessions ensure the children stay in a positive frame of mind throughout the school day while having a positive effect on their lifestyle.

Sessions can be tailored to meet the needs of your school and we will ensure all delivery is innovative and creative to get the children thinking healthy.


  • Improved health of children
  • Increased engagement with parents
  • Support towards healthy school mark
  • Expert PVF Staff covering and supporting teachers throughout the day

What we deliver

  • Breakfast clubs: Fun, healthy living sports and activity sessions designed to ensure children are ready for the day
  • Lunch clubs: Structured playground support to give children the chance to take part in fun activities that stimulate their minds over lunch. This could include team coaching, playground management and wet play programmes.
  • After School: Fun club sessions designed to provide an intervention for children harder to reach or struggling in school.
  • Targeted Inventions: Ran throughout the day to support children with their curriculum needs such as reading, writing or maths skills. Our staff will use football/sport related activities to engage and support the development of children who need extra care and attention.